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All my favourite resources to help you stop suffering and live your life. 

Meditation 101

Not all minds meditate the same way-Join me in this 6 day/ 5 minutes a day mini course designed to find a meditation style that works for you.

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3 Core Principles

Too good to keep for just my clients. Let me share my most efficient path to unwavering love and assertive boundaries to help you stop suffering and live your life. Free PDF cheatsheet included. 

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Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness gets so much buzz lately-let's get back to basics with this mini course on the mindfulness timeline and how to stay in the NOW!

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Hate Deep Breaths?

Me too.

Let me share with you my 3 little questions that can be used in place of taking 10 deep breaths. Applied Mindfulness at its finest. I'll have you back in the moment and live your life in a few minutes.

Free video course with PDF cheat sheet

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Guilt can be released. 

Are you ready to learn a simple process that will change your guilty thinking mindfully? Are you ready to take that emotional weight off your shoulders? Life is lighter and sweeter when we have a way to release feelings that are only there to help us learn. Download the PDF now. There's a free mini-class to go with it. 

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